Glazed Partitions

Glazed Partition Construction

We offer a range of bespoke glazed partitions to the clients brief which include single glazed, double glazed, Fire rated glass partitions, demountable partitions and acoustic partitions.

Single glazed partitions offer a clean , modern feel to your office space. The toughened safety glass can be set within a slimline track system or can be seamless jointed which creates a frameless finish to the office, single glazing offer some sound protection up to 33 dB which muffles voices but unfortunately doesn’t stop loud conversations.

Double glazed partitions are a step up in price range but deliver a better acoustic performance and can have the same high class sleek look as the single with the frameless look.

Acoustic glazed partitions to the untrained eye look the same however there is a thin clear PVB  membrane bonded to the glass panels, this clever acoustic membrane absorbs sound energy preventing sound vibrations from penetrating the glass resulting in significant noise reduction.