Fire Protection

FIRAS Accredited Installers

York wall Systems Ltd are fully accredited fire protection company that undertake, firestopping of penetrations, Fire wall installation, boarding of beams and columns with board or mineral stone wool batt, fire blankets and curtains. This enables the fit-out side of the company to be fully turnkey with the ability to handover of walls and ceilings that are fully up to legislation with the comfort of being signed off through our FIRAS accreditation. At York wall Systems we use a software application to log all firestopping which can individually log each firestop with a unique number and pin this number to a GA plan of the floor it happens on along with a detailed summary of each firestop for its fire rating and the material used to do so, the time it was completed and by which fire-stopper.

Fire stopping and prevention is more focussed in recent years and York Wall Systems are on point with the market leading firestopping manufacturers and recent innovations that protect the building and the people within it, all of our operative are a minimum NVQ level 2 or Firas accredited installers.