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The company started in 2015 by chance when the two founding Directors were working on the same job working as drywall and ceiling fixers. 

Due to the buoyancy of the industry and the need for labour the company started with the two of them joining forces, from there it grew from strength to strength to what it is at present with a labour base of over 150 operatives in many different trades with a directory of many more operatives that have worked with the company over the years. 

YWS now undertake multi-trade work encompassing the following trades: 

Drywall fixers, Ceiling fixers, Joiners, Plasterers, Renderers, Cladding, Passive Fire Protection and General operatives. On the other side of the industry we also supply supervisors and managers with SSSTS and SMSTS accreditations.

In 2017 /2018 YWS had a total restructuring of the company and ownership and now can boast that within the directors of the company and the managers there are over 120 years of combined experience in the fit-out sector, both internal and external, with some of the best operational staff within the industry. YWS now have two offices, our head office in York and the operational hub of the company in the North of England. It was a natural progression from being a trade and labour only company to branch out into the supply and fit sector and the progression within this field of work has been purposely contained at a slow pace to allow the natural growth of the company ensuring its stability, quality delivery and standards, leaving a positive legacy wherever we work.

York Walls newly appointed and restructured staff have worked on a vast number of jobs up and down the country for large scale contractors and main contractors alike and many of these schemes have been very prestigious winning industry acclaimed awards FPDC category and overall scheme for drywall award and INCA overall Scheme award for Specialist Render. Our Operational staff including our Managing Director and Operational Directors have overseen a vast amount of these jobs throughout the duration of their careers, including some of the largest Rendering job in the UK, Hospitals, Hotel / Leisure, Retail sector, office fit-outs, BSF schools, Universities, Residential developments and student accommodation, so please have a look at the case studies within our portfolio.
York Wall have the following principles at the forefront of the company and consider these to be our focus and drive:

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Our Partners

York Wall Systems work closely with British Gypsum (BG) and Knauf,  both companies being the main manufacturers of drylining and ceiling products in the UK.

At tender stage, YWS would see if the  package stipulated a specified manufacturer, or if it was open specification then YWS would steer towards BG or Knauf as they both have in abundance test evidence for fire and acoustics on all products.

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There is sometimes the need for a more cost effective solution due to cost restraints on projects, this is where YWS can provide a value engineered option which would meet all specification requirements with  an unbranded metal and the use of alternative boards which would always bring the cost down and still meet all specification requirements, whilst been able to supply all test evidence as you would find with either BG or Knauf.

Knauf are also in a position where they offer a full through wall system, from the finished rendered façade through to the SFS through to the internal drywall. YWS are working with Knauf at this present time on a couple of projects in Scotland where we are installing the through wall system, the client and YWS are seeing the benefits of just using one manufacturer on the whole project, not only in the ease of build but also in cost and a more robust warranty.

Ceiling system manufacturers that we also use are AMF (previously Armstrong) who we have a great working relationship with in meeting all acoustic and Fire requirements by using their systems. SAS, ECOPHON, BURGESS, are just a few among many others that we use daily within our tendering process

ASH and LACY are a SFS manufacturer that YWS also work closely with, they supply a full range of SFS which we are currently using on York walls largest project to date. Not only are ASH and LACY a supplier and manufacturer of SFS but they have also supplied YWS with 3mm aluminium capping’s and window sills.

SPS Envirowall are a render company that YWS have used for projects in the midlands where not only did we do full render systems but also a brick slip system. SPS are able to provide a colour match on their render or brick slips to achieve clients request.

YWS have used the vast majority of render manufacturers on projects across the country and have a great working relationship with Permarock, Dryvit, Parex, K-Rend, Wetherby, Weber, Johnstones, Enewall, STO. Just like SPS Envirowall they all offer a large variety of finishes ,colours and systems aimed to meet client aesthetic and thermal requirement.

YWS have a great need for the continued supply of fixings on all projects, we work closely and every day with Avantifix-LTD, who provide a service of sourcing any fixing that is required with a exceptionally quick turnaround. Avantifix also provide any data sheets that are required, not only are we supplied with fixings but also everyday site necessities like PPE, protective measures for materials, and day to day labouring requirements.

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